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Cancun > Activities > Active Cancún Pursuits

Insider's Guide to Active Cancún Pursuits

Cancun, Mexico

Looking to dive into groves of sub-aquatic coral reef or journey through the lush Mexican jungle on horseback? How about swimming with the dolphins, fishing for delicious Caribbean Ocean fish or just sunbathing on the beautiful white sandy beach?

All this and more can be yours once you book a flight to the unforgettable world of Cancún. Just as it has become world famous for its party scene, it is also now internationally renowned for the exceptionally pristine natural setting on which it was founded. That's because there has been very little human obstruction of the stark jungle that preceded its development in the 1970's. That's right - it was in this decade that the Mexican government decided to place this soon-to-be-dazzling playground for the world. On the long thin Cancún Island and the mainland part of the city, yes, civilization has made its mark. But the surrounding area - especially the ocean - remains largely untouched and enjoyed primarily by happy Cancún vacationers like you who are ready to delight in the raw beauty of nature.

Obviously, the water around Cancún makes for one of its most enticing natural attractions. And the effect this has on scuba diving is spectacular. As a beginning scuba diver myself, I found this place to be ideal. In fact, the reef that divers can access at Punta Nizuc is actually one of the most sizable in all the Earth's northern hemisphere. It's called the Great Meso-American Reef, and is a natural splendor revered by artists and academics around the world. Not that this has anything to do with the how amenable it is to beginners like me - it's really the shallowness that makes it an easy place to start out at. But it's not only the beginner's who enjoy this reef - even experienced divers are taken back by the brilliant coloring of the fish, the crystal clear water, the reef, the seafloor - there's even an exciting array of sunken objects including many historic-looking boats. These can all be seen throughout the diving experience as dazzling tropical fish swim in and out of them.

Snorkeling, too, permits its practitioners to be treated to these beautiful sea floor displays when enjoying the clear shallow waters all around Cancún. Enjoy it - it's what you're meant to do when you snorkel in Cancún.

For those who are more interested in bringing things out of the water than diving into it, one other favorite aquatic activity for happy vacationers like you who come here to Cancún is the deep sea fishing that can be done out at sea. Here, where the water is much deeper, the rich blue Caribbean yields a wide variety of delectable fish species that includes the Mahi Mahi and other prized catches. You'll enjoy taking a boat out to various islands where the catch is bound to be a good one.

Yet if the means of getting you out on a fishing expedition - sailing on a boat - sound a lot more attractive to you than does the actual act of fishing itself, then you're in luck. That's because I was able to discover a great selection of wonderful boat trips for happy vacationers like you. Whether you set sail with your whole family, with friends, or as a romantic outing for two, you can definitely feel the warm Caribbean wind in your hair and experience the freedom that this vacation is all about when you take the popular route to Isla Mujeres or "Island of the Women" where you can disembark and stroll around the charming village of Playa Norte right there. Check out the quaint boutiques and restaurants, or lay out on the beach; this island is the quiet version of Cancún. Also, for the more adventurous travelers amongst us, the exceptional El Garrafón National Park, replete with great snorkeling beaches and beautiful wildlife scenery, is just waiting to be explored.

And now that we're up on land, it is worth mentioning that the best horseback riding in the vicinity of the City and Island of Cancún is to be found just minutes to the south. That's right, even at this posh and scenic international tourist destination, eager tourists like you can take the whole family to enjoy some of the most beautiful treks on horseback through the jungle of thick-leaved trees, swampy areas and white sandy beach.

In addition, you might be interested in the dolphin swim, the jet ski adventures, the skating trails and the more conventional pursuits such as tennis and golf that are all accessible to happy Cancún vacationers like you.

John Big Hat Walsh - See you in Cancun!

See you in Cancun!
John Walsh
John "Big Hat" Walsh

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