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Snorkeling Cancun

Experience the Magic of snorkeling in Cancun

Drift over a coral field and see the colorful world below the sea. The colors and movements of the life under water are so fascinating and brilliant. You will see coral reefs that are more diverse that any world you could imagine. As you drift along you will view multi-hued fish eating algae or even other smaller fish. The beauty and awe from under the sea will be at your fingertips.

Anyone can go snorkeling. You do not have to be an expert swimmer to enjoy this unique and wonderful water sport. If you can float, face down with a mask you have conquered snorkeling. If you are not very good at floating then you can also use a floatation device that will give you the chance to snorkel.

Snorkeling is becoming a very wide spread sport because anyone can enjoy floating and watching the world under the sea. Many families love snorkeling because they can also take their children along that know how to float and they can use the floatation devices. This gives the entire family a wonderful and enjoyable outing while in Cancun. It is best to cover you legs, shoulders and arms with a waterproof sunblock to ensure that you do not get burned by the sun. The sun can and will burn your exposed skin from the reflection of the water.

You may also enjoy night snorkeling where some of the ocean inhabitants are just beginning to start their day and others are resting. The ocean is always changing in appearance, tides and fish that swim around. So, whip out your flashlight and enjoy.

In Cancun, the three best places to snorkel are Punta Nizuc, Punta Cancun, and Playa Tortugas. The currents at Playa Tortugas can be strong at times, so you should be cautious. There are several places where you can rent snorkeling equipment and even find tours available. If you are not ready to venture off snorkeling by yourself there are several places that have snorkeling including in some of their tours. You can even find some tours that are designed for groups where you will enjoy snorkeling with others that love this unique water sport.

The Barracuda Marina has a Wave Runner jungle tour through the mangroves for two hours and then snorkeling at the Punta Nizuc coral reef. This is a very unique and beautiful way to enjoy what Cancun has to offer by visiting and exploring the land and then snorkeling to see the unique underwater world. You can contact them for more information at 98-85-24-44.

There are also some great places to snorkel in around Cozumel and Cancun. You can find some great information on pricing, tours and even water the water is like for the day. The following list is some great places to find out everything you ever wanted to know about snorkeling. Snorkeling in Cozumel from Cancun, their website is or you can call them at 998-849-7508. Xcaret's website is and their telephone number 998-881-24-00.

Solo Buceo can be found inside the hotel Camino Real located on Blvd Kukulcan or you can contact by telephone at 998-848-7070, 9883-3979, 9848-7070 or toll free at 800-722-6466.

Other great locations for renting snorkeling equipment and finding information on snorkeling tours are: Club Med in Cancun they can be reached at 52 9879-7508 or 52 9849-4736.

  • The Nautilus Diving Training Center located at the Carrousel Hotel can be reached by fax or telephone at 52 9884-4967.
  • Scuba Cancun Dive Shop & Marina can be reached by telephone at 52 52-9849-7508 or you can fax them at 52 52-9884-2336.
  • Manta Divers Scuba Center can be reached at 52 9883-4050. Their fax number is 52 9880-9488.
  • Villa Coral telephone number is 52 9-884-0374.
  • Wet Set Water Adventures of Mexico telephone number is 52 52-9871-0198.

You may be able to find that your hotel also rents snorkeling equipment. Just remember when you go out to observe all warnings and flags to ensure that your snorkeling adventure will be safe. Only snorkel in areas that are designated for diving or snorkeling. The waters around Cancun are all safe, but you must pay attention to any signs and most importantly the flag system that is in effect in Cancun. If the water is not safe for any reason there will be a colored flag warning you of the danger.

John Big Hat Walsh - See you in Cancun!

See you in Cancun!
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John "Big Hat" Walsh

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