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Cancun Historic Sites and Ruins

Cancun Attractions Guide

From ancient indigenous pyramid ruins that are bundled up in the cobweb-like jungle vines to the fun-filled attraction parks designed to evoke environmental awareness, there's a wealth of interesting historic sites just outside of the beautiful city of Cancun.

When planning out your fantastic Cancun vacation, the first thought that pops into your mind might not be the lofty one of so-called culture. And by culture, it is intended that you'll understand this word to signify an appreciation of historical sites and artifacts. So admit it - you know that it's true; the one thing turning you on to this crazy hip resort destination is the countless beachside bars, the warm tropical breeze and the large number of sexy vacationers. Right?

But perhaps this isn't all that you are looking for. And if I am correct, I would venture to guess that you are probably not alone. Indeed, the truth is that a great number of eager Cancun vacationers come to this beautiful resort destination not only to immerse themselves in the decadence of hotel and Caribbean forgetfulness, but they also like to stay awake and explore this truly different part of the world.

Although Cancun itself was sort of a nothing-nothing land to begin with, it's very nearby to a wide variety of amazing historic attractions. For me to give just a brief note on the recent history of Cancun would be for me to mention that until right up to the 1970's there was virtually nothing here where the famous Cancun now stands except for thick sprawling jungle and endless beaches of virginal white sand. At this point in time, the Mexican government decided to invest in creating an amazing tourist destination, and therefore cut out Cancun from purely wild jungle.

So it was really then that this completely new and modernized city got lifted into existence, and fortunately the burgeoning influx of eager vacationers not only began to help the Mexican economy, but it also played an integral role in creating a very important way of granting tourists from all over the world - especially those from the United States and North America - a means of access to often forgotten - yet truly amazing indigenous ruins and other mysterious wonders of the Latin American world.

So, if you are an adventurous Cancun vacationer who wishes to experience the amazing surroundings of Cancun, you will be quite happy to know the following piece of information; certain of these sites that are arguably the most amazing are actually quite accessible by your preferred mode of transportation. That's right - you can rent a car if you feel like, or alternatively you will also be able to check out all of these amazing sites and ruins by simply utilizing public transportation. Take the bus, and find out the glory of Mexico's rich cultural heritage while you even help to spare the environment!

The first item on you list should be, without a doubt, the exceptional and mysterious ruins of the ancient Mayan epoch here in southern Mexico, on the Yucatan peninsula. You'll be taken aback - literally - by the ingenuity of the architecture. How were they able to do this? Were they in mysterious telepathic communication with the Pharos in Egypt, did aliens from outer space come down and - but your bizarre ponderings will be cut short. You'll look out over the aqua marine ocean stretching out infinitely to the East and you'll forget everything you were thinking about. Indeed, the waters that extend out from here at Tulum or Colba are beyond belief in their beauty. And the beaches are beyond all possible description. So it would not be a bad idea to bring your swim suit when you go on a self-led or organized tour of these fascinating ruins that stand only about half an hour south (by rental car) from the bumping city of Cancun.

Other great sites to see are the exceptional Chichen Itza. It's an inland sort of adventure and you would only do it justice by dedicating at least a couple days to the journey out there. The ruins are exceptional, to say the least. Indeed, the beauty of these ancient cultural sites is the fact that they differ so starkly from the plush modernity of Cancun central. Enjoy both worlds and be enriched!

John Big Hat Walsh - See you in Cancun!

See you in Cancun!
John Walsh
John "Big Hat" Walsh

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