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Cancun's Wildlife Parks

Cancun Attractions Guide

The Real Cancun - Going Wild in Cancun's Wildlife Parks

You will be dancing to the beat of a different drum as you are "going wild" in Cancún.

What else does Cancun have to offer besides white sandy beaches, the Caribbean Sea, and sun year round? There are many wonderful tours that will take you on the wild side of Cancun.

As in wild, we are talking about the wildlife, history, and nature that can only be seen in this sub-tropic area of Mexico. These wonderful areas of the Yucatan have been preserved and are just as they were when the Spanish Conquistadors took over this area, only manicured with trails created for our enjoyment. This is the real Cancun, the one behind the partying, the tourists, and the noise.

There are four major parks in Cancun that will allow you to go wild. They are Xcaret, Tres Rios, Garrafón Natural Park, and Aktun Chen. All of these parks are wonderful for an entire day tour with many unique activities that will keep the entire family busy with one adventure after another.

Xcaret is only an hours drive south of Cancun. Xcaret offers 20 various attractions that are spread out over the entire hundreds of acres of land. The adventures include an interactive dolphin encounter, butterfly pavilion, manatee lagoon, magnificent flowing rivers that twist and bend through unique and unusual limestone caverns filled with wildlife, beautiful foliage, with the occasion bat flying by. The jungle path tour is awesome for discovery of the Mayan's uses of jungle flora for medicine. You will be able to taste the mushrooms and sample the honey from the domestic bees. These bees were cherished by the Mayan people and you can view images of these bees on the ruins at Tulum. At the end of the day there is a nightly Grand Talacho Show. The show is a beautiful and divine choreography of the history of Mexico through numerous songs and dance. Traditional costumes and music along with 250 musical artists will take you back in time through the history of Mexico. After this wonderful interpretation you will understand the beauty and culture of Mexico like a true native. For more information on what they to offer and pricing you can visit their website at http://

Forty five minutes south of Cancun on the Riviera Maya lays Reserva Natural Tres Rios. There are several ways in which you can enjoy an entire day exploring the Reserva Natural Tres Rios. Imagine kayaking, canoeing, or jet skiing through the mangroves swamps of this tropical reserve. You may decide to walk, horseback ride, or take a bike through the jungle trails. No matter which way you go you will feel the peering eyes all around with over 100 exotic animals peering out from the brush. Snorkeling off the coast and viewing the many tropical fish and ever-changing coral reefs will have you wishing you had remembered your underwater camera. There are so many wonderful and unique things to explore all over Reserva Natural Tres Rios that your adventure will never end until you leave the park. One favorite attraction among visitors to Tres Rios is the Sensorama. This is an interactive experience through the jungle that is definitely like no other. This unique adventure was designed by a group of graduate students from the University of Mexico. This is a great way to find out just how your sensory perception really is. You begin by being blindfolded and then you will be led through the jungle for an hour. You can only listen, touch and smell what is around you. You and others along in the tour are not allowed to talk; this is a quiet and learning adventure where your sensors will take over giving you peace and one with nature. For more information you can check out their website at

Garrafon National Park is on the southeastern tip of Isla Mujeres which is only a ferry ride away from Cancun. This wonderful park is where many people enjoy scuba diving or snorkeling. A top the bluff you can see the Caribbean Sea and a majestic view of Cancun. This is a great place for retreating away from the noise and the crowds to enjoy a peaceful and quiet shore. They have one attraction that you have to be a dare devil to even think about. You will ride along a zip line out over the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea on a thin steel cable. For more information on the other great attractions they have to offer check out their website at

Aktun Chen is around a 30 minute drive off the Tulum highway and down an old dirt road. This is where real nature can be found. You will be greeted by spider monkeys and love exploring the caverns. For more information you can visit

John Big Hat Walsh - See you in Cancun!

See you in Cancun!
John Walsh
John "Big Hat" Walsh

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