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Cancun » Spring Break

Cancun Spring Break Nightlife Guide

Cancun Spring Break


Hot Beaches + Rowdy Resorts + Nonstop Dance Clubs = Spring Break in Cancun!

Need a break after mind boggling finals and endless hours of torturous studying? Head for 14-miles of sandy beaches as sweet and white as sugar and littered with tanned bodies basking in sun and romping in the turquoise surf. Cancun spring break offers more partying fun from sun up to sun up again than the average 18-24 year-old college student can handle (or 30-year-old students - you know who you are...)! So head to Cancun and see for yourself what all those wild stories are about! Don't worry! What happens in Cancun... is usually forgotten in a hazy blur. As a rule, spring break memories are garbled and confused and names are always changed to protect the innocent. But seriously, there's plenty of fun to be had in Cancun whether you want to behave or rave.

Cancun has over 25,000 hotel rooms at a plethora of average to 4- and 5-star resorts just dying to cater to the young, hedonistic spring breakers, plus miles of picturesque beaches with cabana boys and poolside bars ready to serve up ice cold cocktails! Add to the mix scuba diving, hiking, snorkeling, swimming, sunny days and starry nights followed by bleary-eyed mornings when the whole process begins again, and you have Spring Break in Cancun. It's no wonder that Cancun ranks among the most popular resort towns in the world - especially for spring break - and it's the number one vacation city in all of Mexico.

Okay, so you already know that the beach life, tropical landscape and fun filled water sports are never ending and guaranteed spectacular (not to mention the warm, salty water is ideal for chasing away a nasty hangover). So, what about the nightlife you ask? Where does an inspiring young spring breaker head for the hottest, hippest, happiest time on the island - inquiring minds want to know?

No, this won't be on the final...

Let's start with the place you've probably seen on television every year for the past x-number of years since your parents removed the block from cable stations such as MTV. It's the hub of hot happenings and host of many MTV spring break parties - the Oasis Cancun Resort! That's right, the very same one you see where all the college students are shaking their groove things to live music with lively dance and, shall we say, "talent" contests on stage. (Is it getting hot in here or is that just you?) The Oasis resort offers all the fantastic amenities one might expect at a top vacation resort, and, most importantly, they have Foam Parties! That's right! Nothing soothes a steamy sunburn like a Foam Party! The Foam Parties happen in their huge dance club with ever-flowing drinks and the hottest music vibrating through a sea of bubbles, boys and babes. And, the Oasis sells tickets to some of the other hot spots on Cancun with discounts and party packages so be sure to check out the deals.

A word to the wise, it's smart to consider an all-inclusive package as a money saving way to go that guarantees food in your belly. You'll need sustenance between your endless bouts of drinking and sleeping! If you don't have an all inclusive package that includes food, however, there are plenty of cheap eats and fast food joints on the Island if you want to save your money for alcohol. No matter what, be sure to indulge in plenty of solid food and BOTTLED water. And, do yourself a favor; treat yourself to a nice meal once in a while! It's not always about the alcohol you know! (Okay, so maybe it is to some of you, but this is a respectable article about spring break... stop laughing... so it's important that food and water are mentioned or your parents will find me and reprimand me.)

Now, back to partying...
Let's review Cancun's night clubs!

Baja Beach Club
Wild times and huge crowds where just about anything goes including sexy kissing contests, wet T-shirt contests and more - complete mayhem - in a good way (really fun).

Bulldog Café
Who let the dogs in? A big, metropolitan style club with live concerts, hip hop, rock and roll and dance music complete with light and laser shows, an ever-so-hot and bubbling Rock-n-Roll Jacuzzi and a few surprises by way of live stage shows.

Carlos and Charlie's
Who're they? Who cares, they're having a huge party! Let's go! This place is known for silly service and a fun loving staff who contribute to the partying atmosphere at this lively bar with tasty food.

Coco Bongo
Dance on the tables, dance on the bar, and sure, you can dance on the dance floor if you want to... Enjoy live stage show and hot music as you dance 'til dawn with confetti and streamers flying through the air!

Daddy O's
Their motto is Get A Nightlife (because to just 'get a life' would be boring!) Daddy O is known as the techno king of Cancun. With cave-like architecture and décor, tiered seating a huge dance floor, high tech sound and psychedelic light shows, this one rates among the world's top 5 dance clubs! Who's your daddy?

Dady Rock
Open bar... need I say more? Okay, how about free T-shirts... This is the place to hear a live DJ, very entertaining karaoke singing (that gets much more entertaining as the night wears on - everyone's a super star with a few drinks in them). They're also known for great service and food - yes, there's that F-word again - food!

Fat Tuesdays
Okay, so it's bathing suit season and the last word you want to hear is fat so pretend it's spelled with a 'ph'. This is THE daiquiri bar that has become the number one official site of MTV's spring break shows! It's hot fun in the summer time for spring breakers from all over the world! And if that's not thrilling enough for you, there's bungee jumping (now don't you wish you ate earlier?)

La Boom
Boom, boom, boom let me hear you say spring break! This Mexican disco tech has an English pub décor (of all things) and a capacity to hold up to 3,500 people! Two double-decker style buses mark the entrance into another world. Not only is this a favorite hot spot for the stars to hang out, it's also known for having the wildest contests on Cancun!

The drinks are frosty cold, the music is hip and hot and the burgers are juicy and delicious! So if you like yours with lettuce and tomato, Heinz 57 and French fried potatoes order it up with a big kosher pickle and a cold glass of beer (or a frozen margarita) and you'll find fun in paradise here!

Pat O'Brien's
Leave it to a good Irish lad to put a New Orleans style bar known for its enormous drinks and funky décor smack in the middle of Cancun, Mexico! Don't miss Pat's world famous hurricane drink. You may regret or forget what you did after a few of those - but it was a guaranteed good time!

Senor Frogs
Man does that frog know how to party! That dude is crazy! Known as Cancun's casually chic party central, this place features sawdust dance floors - don't worry, you won't feel the splinters 'til morning - spicy barbeque ribs, stimulating water fights, reggae music and a water slide that will have you wet, wild and wondering what the hell happened by morning.

The City
This is a tri-level, state of the art night club with a restaurant, lounge and terrace bar surrounded by a three dimensional simulated skyline (yes, you probably will think someone put you on a plane and you wound up in New York by the wee hours of the morning…) It's an unusual and fun club that's definitely worth checking out!

There are many deals to be found for your spring break vacation, so put your travel agent to work and check out all the available specials, package deals, student discounts, free gear and promotional items like T-shirts and hats offered by resorts, discounted water sport packages, day expeditions, discounted cover chargers, wrist bands and party passes that will get you into clubs, happy hours and events on the island.

Well, that should give you enough to go on for your first few nights of partying. There's never a shortage of hot fun day or night in Cancun so have a blast, eat plenty of food, drink plenty of water, be safe, try to at least remember the names of your travel companions and the name of your hotel. If you have to, write yourself a cheat sheet with indelible ink somewhere on your body (AKA: permanent marker - so it doesn't wash off at the Foam Party or wet T-shirt contest.)

John Big Hat Walsh - See you in Cancun!

See you in Cancun!
John Walsh
John "Big Hat" Walsh

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