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Cancun » Spring Break

Spring Break Cruises to Cancun

Cancun Spring Break Guide

That's right; you'll never forget the wildness of a beautiful, fun-filled Caribbean cruise to and around the beautiful Spring Break central location of Cancun. Even if the specifics are a bit fuzzy at times, you'll end up enthusiastically recommending this experience to all of your friends who weren't there to enjoy the fabulous Spring Break cruise to Cancun. That's because it's very seldom that you can find such non-stop action that delivers on all of your party needs - dancing, drinking and mingling with the most attractive swim-gear-clad college students you could possibly imagine. Oh, just please be warned; you will very likely be called upon to redefine the phrase "bump and grind" - not through words, but through your actions.

Yet what, exactly, makes this such an extraordinary thing to do for Spring Break? The answer is simple. First of all, anything that has "Cancun" written in as its destination already is infused with a certain magic. Nowhere else in the world are people assured of having such a fantastic tropical Spring Break adventure. Secondly, the cruise itself is one of the most rocking adventures an eager young college student like you can participate in. While usually this package is pretty short - about a day and a night - the Cancun Caribbean cruise makes up for it in sheer fun. Really, this trip has been described by many as more of a sleepless party boat than a cruise. And such a description is pretty good, although I would actually take it a step further by calling it a "pre-party" boat. I guess that's how the magic really kicks in, because while the fabulous boat trip is winding to a close, the real blast is just beginning.

Spring Break cruises to Cancun often disembark on the fascinating Island of Isla Mujeres or "Island of the Women." It's only about 20 or 25 miles away from Cancun itself, and truly a place of pleasure yet to be described. At this point in the cruise, it's time to really let loose. Many find that it's actually the most action-packed night of their Caribbean Cancun adventure. A fantastic dinner - not sit down, but casual and relaxed buffet to fill you up with a delicious feast - is often presented to hungry college kids like you needing to power up before the real party begins. Afterwards you will most likely lose yourself to a night of wild carousing and sexy dancing with your tight college friends and new, exciting acquaintances. Discover your fire within and make it a night that surpasses all of the other.

Some people, however, like to mix it up. After a full night here on the Isla Mujeres, it is common for crazy Spring Break college kids to travel on to the city and Island of Cancun. Here, the party continues and after seven days you may notice that the bloodshot eyes and sun burnt faces of all your compatriots attests to the true decadence of the Spring Break. You may feel a little tired, but you'll know you partied to your maximum capacity, and it will be a good feeling.

But another way to get a good feeling is to have the crazy Spring Break cruise leave you off at Isla Mujeres. For those who like to travel more like the backpackers, this version of Cancun may appeal to you a bit more. Indeed, the sheer peacefulness of the place really captivates a lot of Spring Break college kids, and coming here on the cruise to Cancun is a great way to go.

Isla Mujeres is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative destination. With serenity being the catchword of the day here, it's not hard to see why more and more Cancun visitors come to invade it. Still, it's a much more calm solution for those looking for a break from the madness of the main part of Cancun or the wildness of the Spring Break cruise they took to get here. You can see through the aqua marine water to the white sand of the Atlantic floor, and the water feels heated as if it were a pool. It's exceptional, and I'd highly recommend the Cancun cruise to Isla Mujeres for all college students who want to truly enjoy their Spring Break vacation.

John Big Hat Walsh - See you in Cancun!

See you in Cancun!
John Walsh
John "Big Hat" Walsh

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