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When To Go to Cancun

Cancun Tourism Information

If you are seeking the perfect place to visit on your vacation where the temperature and weather is excellent year round then that place is Cancun. Cancun has a license for year round sunshine.

The average temperature year round in Cancun is 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 27 degrees Celsius. In January, the temperature may dip as low as 65 degrees Fahrenheit and 19 degrees Celsius. The hottest it gets is in May, where the temperature may rise to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and 38 degrees Celsius, but with the cool ocean breeze you will never notice. The summer months starting in June is when you may notice a small rain shower in the afternoon, some of these storms can last for an hour, but the sun shines immediately afterwards. Hurricane season in Cancun is from July to November, but as long as you watch the weather you will not have to worry.

If you want to go when there are few tourist and the prices are lower for hotels and attractions then you may want to travel to Cancun in November or early December. From the middle of December until April Cancun is a very busy place with tourists everywhere and of course the prices go up. During the holidays of Christmas, New Year's and Easter surcharges do get added to almost everything.

Celebrations throughout the year may have you wishing to visit Cancun. They have many wonderful and exciting fiestas all year long. Some of these events may not have any partying going on but may prove to be inconvenient if you need a bank, post office or other government office.

On September 1st is the Presidential address, during this day all government offices will be closed and some shops may also close. The hotel area will still operate as usual.

September 15th is Independence in Mexico. This is a major celebration throughout all of Mexico and is a treat to see and experience.

The Autumnal Equinox is a great time to visit Cancun, this is when the shadow of the Chichen Itza has the appearance of the serpent Kukulcan can be seen descending the steps of El Castillo to join the snake's head at the base of the temple. The event is said to bring good luck to the harvest. During the evening after 5pm their will be dancers and music. This usually occurs around September 23rd.

The Day of the Dead is a very important celebration for Mexico. The dates for this event are November 1st and 2nd. November 1st is to remember the young people that have passed away and November 2nd is for older people that have passed away. It is not a sad celebration to say the least; it is more of a celebration. This tradition began with the Indian culture, where they believed that the dead could come back on this day to enjoy the things they did when they were alive.

John Big Hat Walsh - See you in Cancun!

See you in Cancun!
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John "Big Hat" Walsh

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