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The Magical Powers of Wedding Planners

Cancun Wedding Guide

By: Stacy Tuccolo
Staff Writer

When you dream of your wedding day, do you picture a gorgeous sunset casting a golden glow on your skin as your wispy white gown blows in the tropical breeze with sun-warmed, sugar-white sand as the isle beneath your feet? Do you imagine hearing your beloved speak his vows as the waves of the sea gently caress the shore? Welcome to the exotic Cancun wedding of your dreams.

What's the difference between getting married in your home town and getting married in Cancun (aside from the obvious beauty and charm of Cancun)? Just imagine, after returning from your Cancun wedding, when daily life starts to become a bit routine or maybe you've just had your first quarrel, and the very thing that breaks the tension and inspires feelings of love, excitement and adventure is the memory that you hold in your heart of your groom's smiling face as you danced on the beach and that uninhibited island high you felt at your Cancun wedding. Imagine page after page in your wedding album of the bride and groom celebrating with gleaming turquoise waters, sparkling white sand and the lush landscape of Cancun framing every photo. When every day life poses its challenges, you can always go back to a time when you embraced life's pleasures fully and shared your vows on the beaches of Cancun. And you can go back to the very spot where you shared your vows, year after year to celebrate your anniversary! It's just not the same as a traditional wedding in your neighborhood, is it? Kind of makes you wonder why you wouldn't get married on Cancun.

So how do you achieve your dream wedding in tropical paradise? We all know that a lot of planning and coordinating goes into planning the perfect day, and it's challenging enough when it's held locally. So the idea of getting married miles and miles from home probably makes it seem like a daunting task, right?

Cue the Wedding Planners!

Wedding planning is about to get a whole lot easier! Professional Wedding Planners are nothing short of Super Heroes of marital bliss. It's their job to swoop in at that critical moment when you're surrounded by lists, notes, website print-outs, invitation samples and birth certificates and snatch that nasty workload from your white-knuckled grip. That's right; they take on your workload and remove the guesswork from the mix. Wedding Planners help you start your union in the relaxed, love-struck state you deserve at a gorgeous ceremony that sets the stage for many blissful years to follow.

"Planning your Cancun wedding is easier than you imagine when you seek the assistance of a professional Wedding Planner"

If you're feeling intimidated and even the idea of starting to plan your wedding overwhelms you - not to worry! Simply turn to your Wedding Planning Super Heroes and they'll coordinate everything for you! They know exactly what needs to be done, what decisions need to be made, all the options that are available to you, the timeframe that it needs to happen within and what you'll need to bring with you when you arrive for your wedding! They have connections to the most fabulous local talent. They know where to get the gorgeous final touches and decoration details. They're well versed in the laws of the land and they'll make sure you have everything you need and all that your heart desires for your special day. Why? Because, as Super Heroes of marital bliss, that's their job and they love every minute of it!

There are a number of Wedding Planners waiting to become your Super Heroes on Cancun. Explore your options, compare packages and pricing, look up their websites, read testimonials and find a coordinator with whom you can relate. Check with your resort for in-house services or explore your options with independent Wedding Planners. Independent outfits are accustomed to working closely with Cancun restaurants and resorts through strong professional relationships that have been established over the years. Various outfits offer packages that include everything from the licensed judge or minister and marriage license to flowers, limousine, champagne, cake, photographer and music. Some even include airfare, hotel and all inclusive meals and drinks in the package! Wedding Planners will subcontract the photographer, caterer, entertainment, florist and more so you need only to make your payment(s) directly to the Wedding Planner and they handle the rest.

Looking for a Cancun Wedding Planner?

You may choose a reputable business that operates in the US and Cancun such as Cancun Wedding Planners. Bringing over 21 of combined experience in the tourism and wedding planning industries - specifically in Cancun and Mexico - Colleen Flaherty Reyes (President and Wedding Coordinator) and staff at Cancun Wedding Planners use their strong professional relationships and knowledge to create the wedding of your dreams. You may choose from packages such as the Simply Romantic Wedding, Tropical Breezes Wedding or the Elegance Wedding Package depending upon your budget, number of guests, photography preferences and more. Cancun Wedding Planners will also coordinate your honeymoon package as well as activities for your guests before and after your wedding ceremony. They can be reached, toll free, by calling (887) 784-0404 or emailing

John Big Hat Walsh - See you in Cancun!

See you in Cancun!
John Walsh
John "Big Hat" Walsh

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